I can’t stop lying


I wish I always knew what was wrong and what to say and how to fix it.


I unfriended you on Facebook to help me move on and it seems like such a trivial thing but it was really just so hard to let go of the last connection I had. God I’m a piece of work.


hate me


i don’t like mark twain and i can’t remember what anything good feels like.


It might have just been a letter that you won’t get for over a year, but it felt like closure to me. I genuinely hope you read it and regret everything. Then go on to live a perfect happy life in which you never see me again.


I’ll scream, and cry, and yell the next time I see you. I might even say I hate you. But in reality I just want to see you get better, and in spite of how much it hurts…If you’ll be better away from me then it’s okay. I won’t ever tell you so, but it’s okay.


Do I love you in spite of your flaws or because of them? Does it matter?


I cried over it in the library bathroom stall.


what the fuck are you doing

get your dreams off of me


I can’t stop crying and now I can’t even remember why it hurts so much.


I never follow through on anything, then I wonder why people walk out on me.


Sometimes I wish that I had problems to worry about. Then at least I would have a reason for being so sad all the time.


sometimes i get into a routine of depression, and it doesn’t go away. i feel trapped and all i can do is think of is telling you. but there’s a difference between thinking and saying.


I don’t want to hurt you but you’re so fragile and I’m so sad.

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